Thursday, May 18, 2017


I have three amazing products to share with you all today! 

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First, I have to talk about my obsession with this little rollerball fragrance. No joke, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE scent EVER! I'm OBSESSED. Everything about this little guy is perfection. It's all natural and I love it more than any "high-end" perfume purchase I've made. This specific scent is - Persian Garden. UGH! LOVE. 
Here is a link to their website where you can find all kinds of fun stuff. Keep in mind, this little rollerball went VERY fast. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I apply it at least once every single day ;). 

Next, is this Plant-Based Omega 3 Spray. And it's VEGAN
What a genius idea! There are SO many benefits and importances as to why we need our Omega 3 such as:
Fighting Depression & Anxiety
Improve Eye Health 
Promote Brain Health 
Improve Risk Factors for Health Disease 
Reduce Symptoms of ADHD
Fight Inflammation 
Skin & Hair Health
Fight Autoimmune Diseases 
Improve Mental Disorders 
Improve Bone and Joint Health
and so much more!! 
This is a fun, easy way to get your daily dose!
Here is a link to their site where you can find this product as well as other awesome products. 

And last, but definitely not least, this Origins A Perfect World For Eyes Moisture Treatment with White Tea & SPF20. HELLO!! This stuff is perfection. It's my new go-to under-eye cream for spring and summer. It is very lightweight and firming while diminishing any/all imperfections. OBSESSED.

Yayyy. Love you guys <3

Monday, May 1, 2017

Pour Le Monde Perfumes Giveaway (CLOSED)

Head over to my Instagram to enter this amazing Giveaway! Preview below :)

✨G I V E A W A Y    T I M E✨
@pourlemondeperfumes and I have teamed up and will be giving away one of their Certified 100% all natural, luxurious perfumes (retail $82). 
To enter this giveaway:
1️⃣ Go to, choose the perfume you would like to try and leave a comment below on which one you would like and why
2️⃣ Follow both @pourlemondeperfumes and erin_coakley on Instagram (make sure you're following us both!)
3️⃣ Tag a friend in the comments below 
✨The winner will be selected and tagged in a comment below in exactly 1 week ✨

If you prefer a citrus scent, I recommend "Empower". If you prefer more of a floral scent, I recommend "Together". & If you prefer a sultry, feminine scent, I would choose my personal favorite, "Envision". <- there's a link to their website :)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beauty Tips!

Hair- Use Kitsch hair ties!! These things are amazing! I wear my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun almost every single day and my hair would continue to break right around where my hair tie would sit. These hair ties are EVERYTHING. Not only do they keep your hair from damaging they are SUPER cute (even just around your wrist)! They come in all different colors. I have never purchased or used a different hair tie after I found these. Obsessed. 

Healthy EVERYTHING- Drink lemon infused water. There are endless amounts of benefits to this.

  • Aids in digestion and detoxification 
  • Rejuvenates skins and heals the body from within
  • Boosts energy and mood
  • Ups Vitamin C quotient
  • Helps with weight loss  
  • Promotes hydration
  • Freshens breath 
  • Prevents kidney stones 

I truly feel better when I am consistently putting organic lemon juice into my water. Doooo iiiiit.

Nails- Add the smallest amount of nail polish remover to your nail polish bottle to give it it's life back. Whether its low, getting clumpy or simply not as good of quality you were expecting, try this little trick. This should make application much more enjoyable :). 

Face- DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE. I cannot say this enough. This is a HUGE cause of acne. There is a disgusting amount of bacteria on our hands from touching things all day long and the last place we want to transfer that nastiness to is our face. Obviously, when we are applying out face products, it's fine to touch our face after washing our hands. But, other than then, I highly suggest that you try your absolute best keeping your hands off. Sometimes, we will rest our face on our hands without even noticing, so be weary of that!

YAY! Hope you learned something new :) Stay pretty ;)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

ZuZu Luxe SS17 Collection for Celiac Awareness

This May, Zuzu Luxe is going to battle and fighting gluten in celebration of National Celiac Awareness Month, packing a punch with the season’s Techno Warrior collection. This collection embraces the daring and fearless with a focus on the eyes for a minimalistic graphic look, sheer complexion and a slightly warm terra cotta cheek and lip.
They are taking the Eco Chic Warrior strength far beyond a flawless look with this gluten-free, highly pigmented bold collection, so strap on your boots, and enlist in the battle of the season.

How GORGEOUS are these colors?!! (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beauty Tips!

Eyebrows - Never pluck above your brow. If you're like me, you get plenty of dark hairs below your brows as well as above. I never pluck, wax or thread above my eyebrows (UNLESS there is a random stray that needs to go) as we can really lose the shape if messed with. Natural brows are still very in (and hopefully will be forever) so don't worry about them looking too bushy. I personally only pluck my eyebrows myself. I've gotten them waxed a couple of times in the past and hated the way they looked so no thank you. These are the tweezers that I use and absolutely LOVE! I've had them for years and they are still in perfect condition. Highly recommend. In my opinion it makes more sense to ditch all of the cheap tweezers and invest in one amazing pair that will last you forever. Dull tweezers are the absolute WORST!

Crystal Nail File - Oh. my. goodness. I cannot tell you how much switching to a crystal nail file has changed my nails. My nails used to always peel, break, be thin and just not cute. Using this nail file alone made the biggest difference ever. It's also super affordable and lasts years. Never again will I use a non-crystal nile file. 

Lip Treatment ->Before Bed - This, my friends, is delightful. If you want the softest lips in the entire world, simply apply this lip treatment before falling to sleep and wake up in ahh. OBSESSED. I seriously cannot stop rubbing my lips together every morning because they feel SO good!

Growing Eyebrows - If you are looking to grow out your eyebrows, simply rub some coconut oil in-between your fingers and apply it to your eyebrows every night. Rinse in the morning before doing your makeup and WALA! You will slowly start to see a difference :). You can literally find coconut oil anywhere. I like to do this because I used to pluck my eyebrows to the skinniest little lines in high school which was a - HUGE mistake! They grow back so patchy now which is why I resort to coconut oil. Don't make the same mistake I did! BUT, I do still get many complements on my brows thanks to my all time favorite brow styler you can find here (CURRENTLY ON SALE!!!). Most people swear by the Anastasia Brow Wiz which I too like, but trust me when I say that this one IS even better! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Currently Loving

Its been a while since I've done one of these and I have some reeeeally good products for you that I've been testing out (and loving)! 

Juice Beauty has been blowing me away lately! Two of their products have made it onto my, "Currently Loving" post this time around. Let's get into it!...

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment - I can hands down, honestly say, that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE under eye treatment/cream, EVER. And that's huge. All the way down from the applicator to the solution itself. It is so, so perfect. It's packed with plant-based ingredients designed to feed the skin the antioxidants and vitamins it needs. It feels so. so. good. It goes on so smoothly without leaving any residue behind while filling in any imperfections. I actually probably overuse this stuff because I'm just obsessed. I apply it around 4 times per day when I'm just around the house not wearing makeup (which is most of the time- just ask Matt muahaha) because why not?! 

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Exfoliating Spray - Now, this is the coolest product I've seen/used in a long time. You literally spray this on your face, let it sit for a few of seconds, rub the product around in circular motions while it turns into a gentle exfoliant scrub and rinse. It too, feels SO, so good. It lifts away old skin cells leaving you with the smoothest skin. It is so gentle that I wouldn't be afraid to use it around 3 times per week. 

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask - TULA! I absolutely LOVE this mask! A new favorite, no doubt. So many exfoliating masks leave my skin dry after removal but not this one. Seriously, baby butt skin. My face is glowing after every treatment! The color of the mask is so pretty too (incase you're looking for a mask to take selfies in ;P). 

Rose Water Toner - Now that its been getting warmer out here in Florida, I'm back to using my rose toners every day. They just feel and smell so refreshing! I love using rose toners for blemish prevention.  My favorite time to use a rose toner is following a workout or after sun. I believe I found this specific one on Amazon a while back. You can literally just google organic rose water toner and some really good ones will pop up. This one is also a huge favorite of mine :) 

I absolutely LOVE these products! Let me know if there are any products you've been eyeing and would like me to test out before you take the leap :). 
On another note- Spring is almost here!! So excited for all of the new products! Spring & Fall are definitely my two favorite seasons for makeup colors <insert heart eye emoji>

Talk to you soon XO 

Monday, March 13, 2017

NeoCell Joint Burst with Turmeric Curcumin Tropical Tang

I've found the MOST DELICIOUS "chews" for joint support. 

I've recently gotten back into my running routine and with this knee of mine, it's a must to keep up with my joint care. These are seriously the most tasty chews I've ever had, I can't even believe they're also doing my knee a favor! Each contain 250mg of collagen type 2, which is the main structural protein of joint cartilage and is what provides strength and cushioning in joints. I am absolutely in love with all things turmeric as is, so the fact that these are full of it (50mg per chew) is just amazing. Each chew also contains 20mg of Hyaluronic Acid which is great for joint hydration. If you suffer from any nagging joint issues, I HIGHLY recommend this product. Ugh, they're so good. The only downfall that I've found regarding these chews is the fact that they only recommend one per day ;) I want to eat the whole bag!!! 

Here's what the box looks like:
Nom Nom

Here's a link to where you can find them -

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