Saturday, June 29, 2013

Josie Maran HAUL!!

*What you put on your skin goes into your blood stream, so, if I can find a good product that is natural and has beneficial ingredients, that is what I will lean towards! If you want healthy skin, nails, hair, etc., you have to treat your body right and it will react by thanking you with these sorts of things.

With that said, Josie Maran Cosmetics is a company that i've found that also believes in healthy and beneficial beauty.

Let's take a look at what I got =)

Argan Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick
 When I look at this lipstick, it's like no lipstick i've ever seen before. There is a clear outer core that is made of pure argan oil!! How amazing is that? It is extremely hydrating while giving off the perfect long-last color. I am in love with this lipstick! It's very shiny and these are both perfect colors for the summer. These colors are in coral delight (orange color) and playful pink

 Argan Matchmaker Power Foundation with SPF20
  Great coverage and matches very well with my skin color. This product also contains argan oil which is never heard of in powder foundation! And SPF in powder foundation?? Amazing. Where I live in California gets extremely hot in the summer and putting on liquid foundation only makes it hotter. This powder will be perfect to put on before going out on a hot day while providing great coverage. My color is light/medium. 

Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain
Allure named this product Best of Beauty winner in 2012. They have about 8 different shades in this product. I prefer using these as a lip stain rather than cheek because they don't smudge very well on my skin. The original mark I make always stays darker than the smudged area. The coverage this product provides is flawless. The Magic Markers are so much fun =) The orangish color is called jive and the pink/purple color is called waltz

Argan Natural Volume Lip Gloss
This gloss is so moisturizing and has the prettiest shimmer. This gloss also gives the lips a plump look also containing argan oil to nourish them. These lip glosses are not sticky at all which is a huge plus!  
The lighter color is called Brilliance and the darker color is called Daring


Argan Tinted Moisturizer SPF30

This tinted moisturizer has 100% pure argan oil blended with antioxidant powerhouses like pomegranate oil, goji berry extract and natural papaya extract to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin while covering up flaws and providing SPF30 protection. This specific color is in light 2. It has a yellow undertone and gives medium coverage. 

Argan Blush (Blossom)
This blush is SO pretty! I'm a blush junkie!! It is so soft and nice on the skin. The packaging on this is also adorable. This blush is perfect for these hot summer days because it is so light feeling. I love it. 

Overall, i'm very happy with these products and do recommend them =)

~Note: None of these products give off any weird smells which is very important to me, and may be to you too ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NeoCell Beauty Bursts

Oh. My. Yum!! These babies are delish! And SO good for you! If you are trying to be healthy but always end up cheating with candy- you are now saved!! The recommended dosage is 2-4 a day! Where have these been my whole life? They have a starbursts/taffy-like texture and taste, but these taste 100,000,000x better than starbursts and taffy (in my opinion)!

The bag comes with 60 Beauty Bursts. Let me tell you, these have been lasting me forever and I have been chewing 4 a day =) They're addicting haha

Check out the ingredients for yourself...
(click on the photo to enlarge)

I love the packaging on this product -it's adorable. It also has a reseal-snap at the top of the bag so that the product is always fresh. It's easy to throw in your bag without having to worry about the little bursts going everywhere.

As stated on the back of this bag- "Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been easy or so delicious. NeoCell Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable, gourmet soft chews.
Super Collagen 1 & 3 is the body's beauty protein and strengthens skin, hair and nails. Hyaluronic Acid is known as "Nature's Moisturizer" and hydrates the skin. Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin.
These three beauty nutrients work together to build skin from the inside out."

Very well put-I'm sold! ;). Any beauty supplement that tastes this delicious is for me! Haha.

Not even kidding though, if I have a craving for something sweet I will run and grab one of these bursts and it totally satisfies that craving while providing my body with all of these amazing benefits!

These are AMAZING

The best way to find these would be to enter "NeoCell Beauty Bursts" into your search engine (I prefer Google) and all of the different companies that sell them will pop up with their price. They range anywhere from $15.00 - $19.00. I believe sells them on the lower price range. 

***I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY of this product so if you like what you hear, check back and make sure to enter :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Trish McEvoy Essential Balms

How cute is the packaging and the product itself! =)
I have always adored Trish McEvoy lip products and these beauties continue to follow in those same footsteps! These are gorgeous for the summer time and are super moisturizing which is very important! So many lip products dry out the lips leaving them to look cracked and flaky- I can assure you, that will not happen with these Essential Balms. 
The fullness effect this product gives off is unreal! And, I love that you don't have to look in the mirror when applying this product, it's so simple. I am in love with these! They are perfect to slide on for any and all occasions without looking overdone.They also come in this jumbo pencil form which allows them to last forever

 From left to right: Gorgeous Coral, Gorgeous Pink, Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

 From left to right: Gorgeous Coral, Gorgeous Pink, Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

Gorgeous Pink

Gorgeous Coral 

Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

These are the only two colors that are out at the time.

These lip colors have the slightest scent of mint, which is amazing. Although, I do have the nose of a hound-dog so some may not even be able to pick up that smell lol. Seriously, I can not tell you enough about the moister level!! They are more hydrating than chap-sticks! 
The wear time is also amazing. A lot of lip products are pretty but they only stay on your lips for such a short period of time- that is definitely not the case with these! 
The shimmer in these colors gets a huge 10/10! It is SO fabulous!!!! Whether you are inside or outside your lips are glistening! **Without being sticky whatsoever!

I highly recommend both of these colors!

You can purchase these Essential Balms here for $28 each

Friday, June 21, 2013

The NeoCell Super Collagen Giveaway WINNER is.....

The winner of this giveaway is Jessica Tickle. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jessica, please claim your NeoCell Super Collagen by sending me an e-mail at (business emails only). The product will be shipped immediatly after your address is provided. 

THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO much for paticipating in this giveaway!! I will be doing another giveaway VERY soon ;) So keep checking back! 

*The winner has 48 hours to claim their winnings or another participant will be chosen.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ACURE Moroccan Argan Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner -tripple moisture repairing-

ACURE does it again!! I la la loooove this shampoo and conditioner!! My hair is unreal soft immediately after rinsing the conditioner out AND- it's all natural!!! Score! ;) Doesn't get better than that! It also smells delish! 
These products are for normal to dry/damaged/curly hair! Wohoo- we all make the cut!
There are SO many shampoo and conditioner products out there, making it difficult to choose from but these two babes are the ones that make you say JACKPOT! I'm hooked! Once you find a product this good, it's difficult to want to try anything else lol. 

Like the other ACURE products I have used, the caps on both of these products are also travel safe- have a tight snap!

Another AMAZING thing about these products is that I didn't wash my hair for 4 days and it still looked like this...

***Yes, my hair is very messy but this is after I went jet skiing on Sunday and had my hair up for the last few days in a messy bun! Unbelievable! Of course, I showered everyday, just didn't wash my hair. I wanted to test this stuff to the max and it sure did past the test! If I don't have anywhere I have to go, I won't wash my hair because the natural oils are so good for it! As you can see in the picture, the top of my hair was starting to get greasy but I definitely could have pulled "the bun" off for at least another day! 

This next picture is what it looks like on the day of washing...

Note, I did not blow-dry or straighten my hair in the above picture, it was strictly air-dried and brushed. 

You can purchase the shampoo for $9.99 here.

You can purchase the conditioner for $9.99 here

*If you click on the links above which direct you to the ACURE website for each specific product they provide videos of each product which lists all of the amazing facts these two include! So cool!! You will also notice that both of these products have scored 5/5 stars by all of the reviewing customers!! That's a HUGE deal!

These products are also:
color safe, vegan, gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free & cruelty free

I 100% recommend both of these products! 

~Side-note- Yes, this is all my real hair, I do not wear extensions. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stila Sensational in Sydney Travel Palette

This palette is super cute and very convenient for traveling (why I personally purchased it). The colors are listed on the back of this product. As you can see, the palette has a built in mirror and also provides a make tutorial idea. The pigmentation and colors are great quality for such an inexpensive product. The lip product is moisturizing and simple. The wear time on the shadows is moderate and short-term/moderate for the lip product. It's so easy to pull this out anywhere and have all of your product in hand at once. I purchased my palette on Sephora for $10.00 ($67.00 value).

From left to right: Aussie, Opera House, Koala, Harbour Bridge 

Bondi Beach

From left to right: Aussie, Opera House, Koala, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Sugarbrush (lip)



The only con I found with this product is that the lip color gets destroyed by the eyeshadow's fallout. If you are forewarned and only plan on using this product at home or where you can cover the lip color every time you use the shadow then that would work but I personally was not prepared for this and my Sugarbrush is now covered with the shadow fallout. It completely makes sense as to why this happens, the lip color is not being protected at all while using the shadows. Overall, this product was a steal for $10.

***To enter the NeoCell Super Collagen GIVEAWAY click here

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Empties!! As you can see, I don't have any make-up products in this empties post as those take forever to use up but I do go through other face products like crazy! 

Angels on Bare Skin- I really love this cleanser; i've repurchased it a few times already. I love the feeling and the smell is also bearable unlike a lot of Lush's other cleansers. The texture of this product is amazing while giving your face mild exfoliation. The first time I used this product I told myself this was all I would use for the rest of my life, although we all know that would not ever be possible ;)! My face is always flawless while using this product. This product is very gentle and never dries out my skin. I will repurchase this product. (3.5oz - $13.95)

Tea Tree Water- This toner feels amazingly refreshing, especially on a hot day or after a workout. It also has a very flattering wake-me-up scent. I don't typically use toner as much as I should so I can't really say much regarding the comparison of this product to others. My skin tends to do the exact same things as it would whether or not i'm using a toner. I may or may not repurchase. (3.3oz - $9.95)

Mask of Magnaminty- This mask has a very strong minty scent! VERY! I really like quality of this mask, as you can truly feel it getting the job done. It is very important to use a good moisturizer after using this mask, as most mask do dry your skin out. I would recommend only using this product 3-4 times a week. I will probably end up grabbing this product again. (4oz - $12.95)

NeoCell Super Collagen- As you may know from one of my previous post, this is a favorite of mine! To see my full review on this product go -> here.  ***I am currently doing a GIVEAWAY of this product on my last post! Don't miss it! To enter the giveaway go -> here. I will repurchase this product. (7oz - $12.25)

Aqua Marina- Out of all of the cleansers, I would probably have to say that this one is my favorite although the scent of this cleanser is my least favorite. It's a weird fishy/beachy scent, hard to describe. It also looks crazy when you first open the tub -looks like nothing i've ever used before -resembles a weird sea creature? BUT -the cleanser is mushy and super soft on my skin leaving it feeling flawless! I really do love this stuff and will repurchase.  (3.5oz - $13.95)

Korres Wild Rose 24hr Moisturizing and Brightening Cream- I have tried SO MANY moisturizers and this one was pretty good! It was a little more on the greasy side from what I prefer but nothing unbearable. I do have to admit that i've used other moisturizers/brighteners that do the same job and are a lot less pricey.  I doubt I will repurchase. (1.4oz - $35.00)

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (for her)- I lost the blue cap that comes with this product as you can see in the pictures- very pretty light blue cap (hence the name of the perfume ;)). This is one of my all-time favorite perfumes! I have been wearing this scent since high school! This scent is so irrisistable with people constantly asking me, "what are you wearing?". I will definitely repurchase. (1.6oz - $69.00)

I think I got the majority of the product out of these containers, don't ya think ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013

GIVEAWAY!! NeoCell Super Collagen -Closed-


Hi Beauties!! EXCITING NEWS!! Remember this post -> here where I was raving about how much I loved this stuff?! of YOU will now be winning your very own FULL SiZE NeoCell Super Collagen to try out at home!! ($12.26 value)
*To be entered into this giveaway you will need to:
 1. Follow my blog & 
2. Comment on this post as to why you cant wait to try this product =) 
It's THAT easy!!! ;) Anyone can enter!

*I will announce the winner no later than this Friday!
-The product will be shipped immediately to the winner's provided address-
The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen

This giveaway is international 
 To make things fair, the winner of this giveaway will be chosen by RandomPicker.

Friday, June 14, 2013

ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub & Sensitive Facial Cleanser

 These products are MUST-HAVES! My face has truly never felt as flawless as it does after using these two products. ACURE is a company that you can completely trust when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair. Like me, they are strong on using all natural ingredients. 
The packaging on these two products is perfect for traveling (if you travel a lot like me) as the lids are attached very firmly. 
-Worst thing ever when you go to open your suitcase and one of your products have leaked in your product bag!- 
Note, these are both full side products (4oz) so they would have to go in your checked luggage ;)

The Sensitive Facial Cleanser is perfect for my skin because I do have very sensitive skin. I've found that using products that contain high end chemicals to do their magic only makes my skin much worse. This cleanser feels so natural and creamy while doing its job. It contains Argan oil & Probiotics which are both beyond amazing for skin! I use just the amount of product on my fingers in the picture above and apply it all over my damp face until completely cleansed. I use this product every single day, morning and night. Always pat dry as we all know dragging a cloth over the skin irritates and stretches it causing wrinkles. ;) My face is so silky clean and SUPER soft after I wash it with this product =) You can purchase this product here for $14.99.

As for the Brightening Facial Scrub...I DIE! This French green clay scrub has the most amazing exfoliant grains that I have ever used! The grains are very small which is exactly how they should be on our fragile skin providing the PERFECT amount of dead skin removal. A little bit of this product goes a long way! I use just the amount on my fingers in the picture above after I have gotten my face mildly damp applying it all over, avoiding the eye areas. Depending on how much you feel your face needs to be exfoliated can give you an idea as to how long and hard you should use this scrub. I find it best to use for about 60 seconds lightly, 3-4 days a week. My skin is so bright and radiant after using this product, it is AMAZING!! You can purchase this product here for only $14.99 - that's a STEAL! 

 *As you can see in the picture above, both of these products are vegan, sulfate free, cruelty free, synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, PEG free, phthalate free, silicone free, gluten free, won't clog pores and 100% biodegradable. It's easy to ignore these notes when purchasing skin products because we are sold on the immediate labels such as, "Perfect Skin" and/or "Blemish Be-Gone", but our skin is truly BEGGING us to use naturally made products!

I 110% recommend both of these products!

After using these products I always apply my ACURE Organic Argan Oil that I previously did a blog on, you can see that here

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Collagen is MY FAV! This specific product has been my go-to product for about 6 months now. Every morning, I will put one scoop of this in a small amount of orange juice (like a shot). Note- taking this product in anything else taste awful (in my opinion)! Collagen mixes very well with orange juice so I highly recommend that be your mixer! Collagen has so many benefits including healthy skin, wrinkle prevention, blood supply, healthy heart, metabolism, arthritis, cellulite prevention and much more. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. My fiancĂ© recently injured his wrist, tearing everything inside including ligaments and the doctor also recommend he upped his dosage in collagen. Any similar collagen product will work but I purchased mine at as they always have amazing deals. This specific product was $12.26.
As you can see in the picture above, this container doesn't expire until 2016! Amazing shelf life =) 

This baby comes with a scooper that is always easily accessible helping provide the exact dosage one should contain. 
~As you can see, i'm about to hit the bottom of this one! 
This specific product is in powder form, although one can consume collagen in may ways including pill form, foods which enhance collagen and injectables (I have never done injectables so I can't say much about those). 

*Garlic, soy products, tomatoes, dark green veggies, foods rich in omega 3s & vitamin C and red fruits & veggies all enhance collagen production =)


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