Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Collagen is MY FAV! This specific product has been my go-to product for about 6 months now. Every morning, I will put one scoop of this in a small amount of orange juice (like a shot). Note- taking this product in anything else taste awful (in my opinion)! Collagen mixes very well with orange juice so I highly recommend that be your mixer! Collagen has so many benefits including healthy skin, wrinkle prevention, blood supply, healthy heart, metabolism, arthritis, cellulite prevention and much more. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. My fianc√© recently injured his wrist, tearing everything inside including ligaments and the doctor also recommend he upped his dosage in collagen. Any similar collagen product will work but I purchased mine at as they always have amazing deals. This specific product was $12.26.
As you can see in the picture above, this container doesn't expire until 2016! Amazing shelf life =) 

This baby comes with a scooper that is always easily accessible helping provide the exact dosage one should contain. 
~As you can see, i'm about to hit the bottom of this one! 
This specific product is in powder form, although one can consume collagen in may ways including pill form, foods which enhance collagen and injectables (I have never done injectables so I can't say much about those). 

*Garlic, soy products, tomatoes, dark green veggies, foods rich in omega 3s & vitamin C and red fruits & veggies all enhance collagen production =)

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