Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TooFaced - Shadow Insurance & Lip Insurance

Like most, I LOVE Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is a great eyeshadow primer, that insures your eyeshadow will stay, without creasing, all day & night. The color of this eyeshadow primer is very soft and pretty, much like the color on the tube where it is labeled, Shadow Insurance. The one pictured above is the medium size tube that is only sold in their sets. 
As for the Too Faced Lip Insurance, i'm not quiet sure if it's worth the purchase. It seems like one of those unnecessary products? I actually like the color it gives off after application but wouldn't recommend using it as a lip color. It kind of drys your lips out and makes them a nude-ish tint, wish i'm sure is exactly what they were going for. The dry time is EXTREMELY quick & the applicator is much like a concealer brush. The idea was/is great, although, you can achieve this same concept by applying a little bit of concealer on your lips before adding your lip product. *The concealer trick is something you could do while applying it to wherever you would originally apply it without having to go search for a totally different product. Don't get me wrong, I totally see where they were going with this, I personally just wouldn't repurchase because of the above reasons. The size pictured above sells for $19 on TooFaced.com

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