Saturday, June 1, 2013

Loreal - VIP Status

 This color is GORGEOUS
This blueish-teal polish is perfect for any season and i'm especially loving it for summer nights =) The only disappointment I had with this product was the application. Usually, Loreal's polishes have great application and coverage(as seen on my last polish post- Royalty Reinvented) so i'm not sure if I just picked up a bad bottle or what?! When this color hits the light it is much lighter than it is indoors. It is also a bit lighter in the bottle than it is when applied, as you can see below in the pictures.  
 Loreal did it again with their polish names! VIP Status! Loooove <3
(Ignore my creepy claw hand pose pictured above)
 As you can see in these pictures, the application was a little messier than usual. BUT- LOVING the color =) 

Product- 8/10 Pigmentation- 10/10 Texture- 9/10 Longevity- 7/10 Application 6/10

You can pick this color up at your local Walgreens or CVS pharmacy

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