Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stila Sensational in Sydney Travel Palette

This palette is super cute and very convenient for traveling (why I personally purchased it). The colors are listed on the back of this product. As you can see, the palette has a built in mirror and also provides a make tutorial idea. The pigmentation and colors are great quality for such an inexpensive product. The lip product is moisturizing and simple. The wear time on the shadows is moderate and short-term/moderate for the lip product. It's so easy to pull this out anywhere and have all of your product in hand at once. I purchased my palette on Sephora for $10.00 ($67.00 value).

From left to right: Aussie, Opera House, Koala, Harbour Bridge 

Bondi Beach

From left to right: Aussie, Opera House, Koala, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Sugarbrush (lip)



The only con I found with this product is that the lip color gets destroyed by the eyeshadow's fallout. If you are forewarned and only plan on using this product at home or where you can cover the lip color every time you use the shadow then that would work but I personally was not prepared for this and my Sugarbrush is now covered with the shadow fallout. It completely makes sense as to why this happens, the lip color is not being protected at all while using the shadows. Overall, this product was a steal for $10.

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