Monday, June 24, 2013

Trish McEvoy Essential Balms

How cute is the packaging and the product itself! =)
I have always adored Trish McEvoy lip products and these beauties continue to follow in those same footsteps! These are gorgeous for the summer time and are super moisturizing which is very important! So many lip products dry out the lips leaving them to look cracked and flaky- I can assure you, that will not happen with these Essential Balms. 
The fullness effect this product gives off is unreal! And, I love that you don't have to look in the mirror when applying this product, it's so simple. I am in love with these! They are perfect to slide on for any and all occasions without looking overdone.They also come in this jumbo pencil form which allows them to last forever

 From left to right: Gorgeous Coral, Gorgeous Pink, Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

 From left to right: Gorgeous Coral, Gorgeous Pink, Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

Gorgeous Pink

Gorgeous Coral 

Gorgeous Coral and Gorgeous Pink Mixed 

These are the only two colors that are out at the time.

These lip colors have the slightest scent of mint, which is amazing. Although, I do have the nose of a hound-dog so some may not even be able to pick up that smell lol. Seriously, I can not tell you enough about the moister level!! They are more hydrating than chap-sticks! 
The wear time is also amazing. A lot of lip products are pretty but they only stay on your lips for such a short period of time- that is definitely not the case with these! 
The shimmer in these colors gets a huge 10/10! It is SO fabulous!!!! Whether you are inside or outside your lips are glistening! **Without being sticky whatsoever!

I highly recommend both of these colors!

You can purchase these Essential Balms here for $28 each

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