Thursday, July 11, 2013

Aura Cacia Organic Facial Serums

USDA Organic Facial Serums!!! 
How amazing are these??!! They are basically what I try to throw together myself at home but already done for me! :) 
As I've mentioned before, I love using organic oils on my face as a natural moisturizer and corrector and these serums are flawless. They provide everything I need! They have these serums down to a science! These serums are 100% Pure Essential Oils and dermatologist tested. 

Daytime Argan Facial Oil Serum- This is a blend of organic argan, helichrysum, and patchouli which promotes a bright, light-reflective sheen that lets your skin's natural color tones shine through. 

Nighttime Baobab Facial Oil Serum- This blend of organic baobab, vetiver and vanilla helps the skin stabalize and recover natuarally while you sleep.

Seep Rosehip Facial Oil Serum- This blend of organic rosehip, geranium and clary sage penetrates deeply to replace essential elements lost during regular cleansing.

Smoothing Tamanu Facial Oil Serum- This blend of organic tamanu, lavender and tea tree quiets troubled and irritated skin conditions. 

There is something for everyone in this group of serums!

These serums smell SO amazing in the most relaxing way possible. They all have their own unique scent matching perfectly to their purpose. 
I just LOVE the way these serums feel as they are so refreshing!

I use about one to two pumps when I use these products. One if i'm wanting light coverage and two if i'm wanting the full effect.

These serums sell for $19.99 each on but if you type aura cacia facial serums into your google search you can find them at all different prices from different carriers. I believe the most inexpensive price i've seen these for is from vitacost at $14.19. 

I definitely recommend these! 

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