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This is a little bit of a different post than what I usually do, although my blog is about health and I feel very strongly about this topic and want to help educate others as much as possible.

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GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms that are in SO many of the foods that we consume. Farmers will put chemicals on/in foods to make them grow faster and larger for their benefit in making more income rather than being concerned about the societies health. 

GMOs are FDA approved although this is NOT the case in many other countries. 

*Personal Story- I ran up to my local grocery store yesterday (State Bros) just to pick up a few things-usually shop at Trader Joes- and when I went to the produce section to check out their organic options, the truth was right in front of me. Looking back I wish I took a picture for you guys but literally, the GMO lemons vs. the organic lemons disgusted me. The GMO lemons were HUGE like the size of a big non-organic apple and the organic lemons were barley larger than a grape! Goes to show how much these chemicals play a role in enlarging our foods with CHEMICALS!

Whole Foods just recently gave in to these GMOs allowing their markets to now sell GMO induced products. 
KNOW what to look for when you are doing you're grocery shopping. The easiest route to go, in my opinion, is to shop at health food stores such as Trader Joes and shop all organic. Look for Grass Fed meats and meats that are specifically labeled(if you eat meat). **Most important, look for labels on products that specifically have the NO GMOs stamp. 

There is SO much deeper information on this topic all over the web. Please do yourself a favor and become educated on this topic along with informing your loved ones. <3

Note- This post may come off a little strong but I promise I am only trying to help others gain knowledge as to what's going on. 

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