Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ziaja Cosmetics + Coupon Codes!

Ziaja Cosmetics is a 20 year old European skin care company that is now importing and selling products in the USA. They have approached me and asked if I would review some of their products and I agreed :)

We also made arrangements to do a giveaway of my personal favorite product of theirs out of the ones they have sent me, so make sure to check back for that!

Everything they sell is UNDER $10. They also providing free shipping if your order is over $50. (Enter FREESHIP at checkout)

All of the packing on these products provide great quality and are quiet simple.

They also have many, many more different products on their site so make sure to check them out yourself.

Natural Argan Oil Protective Hand Cream- Let me start off by saying this hand cream smells sooo amazing. It leaves my hands feeling very smooth and velvety. This cream is not greasy at all while leaving your hands feeling flawless. ($4.99)

Cocoa Body Butter- This body butter has a texture non like any other body butter I've used. I would describe it as the texture of body butter and mousse combined. This body butter smells like desert! The smell makes me want to eat it!! Haha. Some body butters can be too think for me but that is not the case with this one. It's just the right amount of moisture for my skin. ($9.99)

Natural Olive Body Balm- Smells great and works awesome as a body lotion right after a shower or bath. Long lasting and gets the job done. Leaves my skin very moisturized. ($7.49)

Goat's Milk Day Cream- Let me start off by saying this cream smells heavenly! After applied to my face using my hands, I can't stop smelling my hands lol. It's a very nice day facial cream as it moisturizes very well while not being too heavy. It absorbs very nicely into my skin. ($8.99)

Goat's Milk Night Cream- This cream, like the Goat's Milk Day Cream, smells SO good! The only difference I noticed between the two is the moisture level. Much like other night creams, this one is heavier than it's day cream providing a greater amount of moisture while you sleep. ($8.99)

Marine Algae Smoothing Enzyme Peeling- It recommends using this product on 30+ years of age which I am not so I don't know if I should be using this product. I used it on the back of my hand just to be safe and it felt great! It is very soothing while leaving my hand with a nice glow. ($7.99)

~Which one of these would you guys like to try the most? I'll keep your answers in mind for the giveaway! ;)

You can check their site out at 

***They have provided me with a BUY TWO GET THE THIRD ONE FREE coupon code for you guys!! There is no limit to how much you can buy, so if you buy six products you would get two free etc.. *The coupon code for the buy two get the third one free is : ECOAKLEY

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