Friday, August 9, 2013

More Empties!!

I know, I know- I go through products like crazy but I think this is one of the best ways to let viewers truly know how I feel about a product because I have not only tried it or used it a few times, i've completly finished it =) Enjoy xo

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream- I love this eye cream! I received this sample from Sephora using 100 points out of my reward bank a while back and it has lasted for months and months! I looked up the price and its $50! A little much in my opinion, although a little does go a really long way.

Olay Body Wash- Very moisturizing body wash! If you prefer lots of bubbles and foam in your body wash I wouldn't recommend this for you but if you like super creamy and moisturizing then this is your match. It smells really yummy too!! There is no specific personal name on this product so I guess the way you could remember it would be by the Pink Ribbon bottle. 

Credentials Vitamin C Serum- This serum is awesome and made my face feel extremely moisturized. This serum leaves my face with a nice glow. This product sells for $47 on which is a little overpriced in my opinion but it is a great serum.

Epsom Salt- This is Target brand although any brand will work. You can find Epsom salt at just about every drugstore. I use Epsom Salt so often and go through these bags like crazy. I will pour the suggested amount in a bath after a workout to insure that I won't be too sore the following day. It's very relaxing as you can feel the little salts in your hot or cold bath, whichever you are taking =) It comes in all different types of packaging but Target's in particular is my favorite because it has a seal at the top to insure freshness. Totally recommend Epsom Salt and its super inexpensive!

Garnier Refreshing Remover- I like this wipes but I don't love them. They smell really good which is a plus but I would literally have to use 5 to get my face completely bare of a full face of makeup. They aren't very damp either. I have to wash my face with my daily face wash to ensure all of the makeup is off but I guess this is a start to get the initial makeup off? I definitely prefer Simple wipes over these ones. Probably won't be repurchasing these.

Phytomer Peeling Vegetal- This is a really great gentle facial peel. If you have super sensitive skin and are looking for a peel/exfoliant I definitely recommend this. This product sells for $36 on and a little goes a long way. I will repurchase this product.

Very Sexy by Victorias Secret Lip Gloss in Passion- The color and pigmentation of this gloss is amazing! The only huge complaint I have about this product is the brush applicator. The hair fall out every single time I would apply it. It was really gross as it would stick to the gloss on my lips! Other than that I really liked the lip gloss itself.

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