Sunday, March 30, 2014


Really unfortunate news for us- Matt was injured at St. Louis Supercross so we will now be returning to California as soon as the doctors release us to fly. I will have a post up later this week for you! Xo

The best way to keep up with me outside of my blog would deff be Instagram - ErinLCoakley ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Alive!! ;D

Hi Pretties!

I'm here!! So sorry about being MIA! So much has gone on since I have last posted so I will briefly fill you in. We moved to Temecula, CA and absolutely LOVE it! Supercross has also started back up as of the first weekend in January and is still in session which means I have been in a different state every single weekend! I am "living" in Texas at the moment (during the week) for a month- 1 1/2 weeks left- so that Matt (my fiancé) can train with his teammate. So! With that said, I've been busy busy but do plan to start posting again now :)

Side note: in TX I only have my phone and iPad and don't know how to edit as well as I do on my iMac so I will be waiting until I return to Cali to post! Talk to you in a little over a week :) I have some things I am SUPER excited to show you!!

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