Monday, April 14, 2014

Forever21 $5.80 Sunglasses

Check out these FABULOUS sunglasses I got from Forever21 all priced at $5.80!!! Unreal right? I go through sunglasses like crazy so it's rare for me to purchase any high end ones. I also like to have a pair handy in my purse, car, pool/beach bag and suitcase just to make sure I'm never without, especially for these sunny seasons! I have light green-yellow eyes making my eyes super sensitive to light. I will say that these sunglasses do not have the quality of high end ones but of course, that's expected when you're only spending $5. They do scratch very easily so I highly recommend leaving them out of anywhere they can get damaged or putting them in a sunglass case.

Here is a link to each of them:

Tortoise Square

F9762 Ombre 

Iconic Aviator 

Angular Cat-Eye

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