Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Zim's contacted me by email asking if I would like to sample a couple of their products so I did a little research on their company and found that they have great ingredients so I happily accepted their offer to share with you all :)

First, they sent me this Advanced Organic Crack Creme with Hydrocortisone. This stuff is awesome for super dry skin and comes in great use during the dry cool winter season. It's also used for cracked skin, rashes, inflammation, redness, insect bites, eczema, and psoriasis. Talk about a multi-use cream, eh?! Super handy to have in the medicine cabinet!! This creme was invented by a pharmacist and comes in a 3oz bottles selling for $9.99. Here is a direct link to their site where you can purchase this product. 

Secondly, they sent me their best selling Max-Freeze Continuous Spray which was a HUGE hit for my professional athlete fiancĂ©, which is why I do not have a personal picture of it, HAHA! I showed it to him and never saw it again! This product is perfect for sore muscles and joints. I absolutely LOVE that they make an ORGANIC freeze like this! I can't stress enough how important it is to use organic products especially when using something that your skin is going to soak up and go into your blood stream! Love. LoVe. LOVE. This comes in a 4oz spray bottle for $9.99. Here is a direct link to their site where you can purchase this product.

These products are available on,,, and multiple national drug store chains including: Harris Teeter, HD Smith, Marc's, Medi-Systems, and Value Drug.

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