Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dermaflage Review

Hello Beautiessss! Dermaflage reached out asking if I would like to try out their out their product so I gladly accepted to show you guys what they have to offer. This was a lot of fun to play with! It was like a science experiment!! I love all of the tools it comes with, it's like a DYI skin making kit haha!

This product was invented by Hollywood special effects makeup artists and I could totally tell when using it! It's literally like you're making a layer of skin. You can build it up as much as you want or keep it super thin. I didn't have any scars to fill in with this so I just tried it out on my palm. It says that you can also use this on wrinkles so I figured that would be the best place to find wrinkles (creases) and color from veins.

Note: This product can only be used with powder foundation, not liquid!

In short, you choose your intended area, prime it, load on the product, conceal it with the rubber piece and walA!

 Below I squeezed out a bunch of product on accident and this is what happened LOL! It literally came off like a flab of skin!

I personally think this product would be best for someone with a deep scar/s they would like to fill-in.

It takes some playing around with this product to get the hang of it. Depending on how deep your scar and/or wrinkles are will determine how much product you will need to use. I definitely noticed the thicker I make the coat the less you could see the veins on my palm.

Dermaflage comes in all different "skin" colors.

If you're interested, you can check out their website at

GIVEAWAY- If any of my readers are interested in trying this product out let me know and i'll do a giveaway of it!

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