Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fight a Cold & Win!

Colds are one of the most annoying things ever. Whenever I get a cold (usually only once a year) I always like to reflect back on the precious days where the cold was no where in sight. It just makes me appreciate life more, ya know?!

Here are some hopefully helpful tips to help you or anyone you may know suffering from one of these annoying bugs.

Note: Not everything mentioned is pictured.

FLUIDS. All day, every day. You should pee around 234,367 times a day when you're sick. Refer to: Water, Coconut water, Lemon Water, Pedialyte, Soup, Tea. I have included many options so you have no excuse to not drink up ;). 
WATER. Of course. 
GARLIC. I cannot stress enough how amazing garlic is. It's not very fun having to chomp down those cloves but they sure are miracle workers. I eat about 6 cloves of garlic throughout the day if I feel a cold coming on or if I'm suffering from a cold.
ZINC. I usually take Zinc every single day but it is also a necessity in helping the immune system if you're dealing with cold symptoms. 
VITAMIN C. Load up on Vitamin C tabs & Emergen-C.
ECHINACEA. Helps shorten cold symptoms. 
B12- If you're able to get a B12 shot, do it. If not, there are other great alternative such as the B12 spray pictured above. 
MULTI VITAMIN. Make sure to be getting your daily vitamins especially when you're ill. 
COCONUT WATER. To help stay hydrated. If you're anything like me, it's extra hard to drink plain water when you're sick. 
PEDIALYTE. Another alternative to water that will also help keep you hydrated and keep your fluid up.  
BATH. I love taking warm Epsom Salt baths when i'm sick. It helps with relaxation, congestion and body aches. 
TEA. Green Tea is my go-to. Any type of Nighty Time Tea is also great to help to get a great night sleep.
GARGLING SALT WATER. If you have a sore throat, this tends to help. If your sore throat is severe, you may have to resort to throat lozenges, try to make sure the ingredients are natural. 
SOUP. A great way to sooth your throat while getting more fluids and filling your tummy. 
ELDERBERRY. Boosts immune system function while protecting against bacteria and infection. 
SUN/FRESH AIR. I know when you're feeling horrible it's not easy to get up and go sit outside but I promise it will help. 
LEMON WATER. Another great alternative to water while the lemon juice is an amazing detox to the bacteria. 
MANUKA HONEY- Helps with sore throat and immunity while including many other healthy benefits. 
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I take a shot of this a day. It's very detoxifying and cleansing. 
REST. Try to use this time to catch up on a good show or book :).

I hope some of this is new to you and can help someone who may be suffering! 

Remember to try to fight any urge to consume anything unhealthy or unnatural as all that will do is slow down the healing process. 


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