Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Daily Vitamins

These are the vitamins that I take every single morning after breakfast. 

Note: The brands of these vitamins pictured are not staple brands of mine as I often switch the brands up. I purchase most of my vitamins on Vitacost or will sometimes grab them while shopping at Trader Joes. 

Zinc- I take Zinc to regulate my immune function, as I travel often making myself susceptible to common colds. 

Omega-3- Helps with general brain function & heart health.

Multi Vitamin- I eat extremely healthy as is, so I am usually getting my "multi vitamin" benefits within my meals but I choose to include this into my diet just to be safe. If my body doesn't need the extra love it will simple disregard it without harm. 

Magnesium- I personally take this because of my migraines. I usually get about 4-5 migraine with aura attacks per year so my migraine specialist has put me on this to help with those attacks. 

B Complex- This supplement increases energy, relieves stress, reduces heart risk disease and helps with PMS.

CoQ10- This is another one that I've been put on by my migraine specialist. CoQ10 is also known to promote energy levels. 

Vitamin B2- This is the last but not least vitamin that I have been put on by my migraine specialist. B2 promotes formulation of red blood cells, boosts mineral absorption in the body and ensures proper growth of organs and nervous system. 

Biotin- Strengthens hair & nails, improves skin, supports metabolism, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. 

Each of these vitamins also portray other benefits that I did not mention, so remember it's always great to do your own research to discover the different benefits of the vitamins and which are best for you personally. 

Remember, above all, food is the best way to get your vitamins.

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