Monday, April 25, 2016

Headache/Migraine Remedies

As you may or may not know, I've suffered from migraine with aura along with chronic migraines since the young age of 12, so naturally I have learned many remedies throughout my life and hopefully I can share some that can help you. 

First, the obvious, water. Chug as much water as possible as headaches can often result from dehydration. Coconut water is another great option. If you are in a position where you can get in a dark, quiet, cool room, do so immediately. An eye mask can work great as well. It's also important to get whichever pain relief medicine (I take liquid ibuprofen capsules) as soon as possible so it can get to work. Vitamins I take everyday specifically for my migraines include b12, magnesium, b2 and also a b-multi. I put drops of Lavender and Frankincense oil all over my bed including my pillows. I will rub this Frankincense Toner all over my face as well. I take a towel and fold it once, long ways, and roll it up completely(pictured above) then place it under my neck while laying down. A cold towel across the forehead can also give relief. Another great remedy is pressure points. Press and massage the fleshy area between the thumb and the index finger, at the highest spot of the muscle when both the thumb and index finger are brought close together. I do this for one to two minutes, switching between hands. Lightly massaging your temples and head can also bring relief. Often, during a headache of migraine, we don't have appetites and can also feel nauseous but when possible I find that bananas are somewhat easy to get down while also benefiting the body with potassium to help with the headache/migraine. Fight the urge to turn on the TV or to get on your phone until the episode has passed. Try deep breathing and relaxation of the muscles instead. Caffeine is also something that is known to help certain individuals so I do recommend trying this route if you haven't done so already. 

Anti-inflammatory diets are the absolute best for headache and migraine sufferers. Great anti inflammatory food include: beets, ginger, broccoli, turmeric, broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes, olive oil, spinach, kale, nuts, salmon, blueberries, cherries, oranges, coconut oil, chia seeds, flax seeds and bone broth. 

Botox For Migraines is also something that I do that has helped with my migraines drastically. As always, this is something that everyone should speak to their doctor about before taking this specific route to find out if it's something that may benefit you personally. 

If you have any other remedies that you would like to share, please comment below =)


Sara said...

What water bottle is that? It's really cute!

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Lulu Lemon :)


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