Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Favorite Essential Oils

Lavender. Personally, I LOVE the smell of lavender. It's the most relaxing, pretty scent. I put lavender all over our house. It brings a calm and relaxing environment while also helping us get the best sleep.

Frankincense. I put this oil all over our bed every single night to help with my fiancé's concussions from riding and to help with my migraines. I also love the scent of this one.

Peppermint. I like to use this oil in our restrooms. It gives that spa feeling. It's also great during colds to help with stuffiness. 

Eucalyptus. I LOVE the smell of Eucalyptus. It's so peaceful and relaxing which is why I put it everywhere. It is so luxurious during bath time, as it acts as a stress reliever. 

Lemongrass. This one is great for when you need a boost of energy. It is also muscle easing and great for circulation. 

There are SO many other essential oils out there, these are just some of my personal favorites to use around the house. 

Here is where I've found the best quality and smelling essential oils. They also sell "blends" for whatever it is you may be looking for. 

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