Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beauty Tips

Whiten Your Teeth. I get asked all of the time how I keep my teeth so white and it's really simple. Brush and floss twice a day and use these strips on your teeth as needed until your teeth are to your whitened desire. These strips are the only teeth whitener product I've ever used that actually work. There are so many companies out there today trying to make money on bogus products but I can promise you these will whiten your teeth, a lot. Whitening your teeth can make such a huge difference in your appearance for the better so don't neglect them. 

Soft Feet. For baby-butt soft feet: before bed, lather your feet with the most creamy body butter you own followed by a pair of cozy sock and wake up with renewed feetzies. The cream can even be a hand cream, just whatever you have that is the thickest consistency. 

Healthier Hair. Wash it as little as possible. Avoid any heat such as using a blow dryer, straighter or curling wand. Plan ahead when you're going to wash your hair so that you make time to use a hair mask/treatment or oil on your hair before washing. My personal favorite is to lather my hair with pure Argan or Moroccan oil for as long as possible before washing my hair. 

Moisturizer. If you're old enough to be reading my blog, you're at and age where moisturizing your skin can only help you. Whether you're moisturizing as a preventative or to help the damage you already have, it's so important. No one feels good when their skin is dry. Some people use the excuse that their skin is too "oily" to moisturize but this doesn't mean they should neglect this step, they just need to find the right products for them. If you fall in the "oily" category, do your research on using natural oils as your moisturizer.  I personally love both oils and creams to moisturize my skin. If your skin is going through a dry spell and needs some serious help, I highly recommend this moisturizer. My face has never been softer after using it. 

Hair Tip. Only condition your hair below the crown of your head. I often hear girls saying that they run out of their conditioner way before their shampoo but this shouldn't be happening if you're washing and conditioning correctly. This tip prevents your hair from getting greasy quickly as your scalp produces natural conditioning oils. 

Sunscreen. This should be an obvious one but we still often neglect it. Natural sunlight is one of the most amazing things for us but you can still get your sun while protecting your skin with a healthy sunscreen. 

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Love this! Thanks for the tips!


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