Friday, May 6, 2016

Favorite Hair Products

Dessert Essence Coconut Shampoo. This is my all time favorite shampoo. Not only is it all natural but it cleans my hair like no other shampoo I've ever used. Smells delish, like coconuts.  This has been my go-to for years!

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in. This is also a long time favorite. I use it almost every single time I wash my hair and it never lets me down. 

BigSexyHair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. This is my favorite product when I'm looking for that extra volume. You don't need much and you can see a huge difference. Flat hair is never a goof thing. *CURRENTLY ON SALE*

Caviar CC Cream 10 in 1. This is a new favorite. I'm actually starting to think it may replace my first love, It's a 10 Miracle Leave in. I've only used it about 7 times total but my hair is SO smooth and shiny after, it's the best. I do believe that switching up hair products makes a huge difference so I will go back and forth between these two to keep it supa fancy

Oscar Blandi Hair Serum. If you're looking for that extra, extra shine, this is your match. This is so pretty on the ends of my hair but I have to make sure I don't get carried away and make it look greasy. Love it. 

Arvazallia Hyrdating Argan Oil Mask. I use this mask as a conditioner. I shampoo, dry my hair as best as possible while still in the shower and then lather this all over about half way down. I try to keep it on as long as possible, ya know, while shaving, using body wash and all of that fun stuff. It's a good one!

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Beth said...

OMG I love the coconut shampoo too! I only use natural products. I love your blog!


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