Sunday, May 15, 2016

Favorite Spring/Summer Perfumes

Ok, so, I have an obsession with perfume and smelling good at all times. Nothing is worse that a smelly person. Like, it literally makes people (including myself) sick to their stomach to smell a smelly person. It's not healthy. I would rather smell good than have makeup on, to be honest. When someone smells good, they're just so much more attractive and welcoming. Wondering why you can't find a boyfriend? Hows your perfume game?! KIDDING! lol. & yes, some people overdo it with their perfume but if you can control yourself and find the perfect amount that suits your body, it can make all the difference. All it takes is a couple of spritz of an amazing perfume (and deodorant of course). Please, do it. 
Okay, rant over. ;)

Here are some of my all time favorite scents for Spring & Summer...

This post is going to be a little different as I'm not going to "review" these perfumes because it's almost impossible to do so without letting you smell them yourself. All I can say is I LOVE every single one of these SO much and wear them every single day. As you could probably tell above, I'm a perfume snob, and I can promise you none of these will disappoint. If I don't like a scent in the slightest, I pass it on to a friend who wants to try it out. 
These are all to die for.

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Melissa Marie said...

Dior addict is my all time favorite perfeum!! Love this post your funny too lol


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