Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Press-On Nails!?!

Press-on nails?! I didn't even know these were still around until one of my gfs snapped a picture of her nails that looked absolutely flawless and she told me they were press-ons!! She then told me the specific brand that she always uses and loves so I immediately went onto google and found them on for $4.97 and purchased 3 sets. I also found them HERE on amazon. Since this was new to me that people even still used these I figured this could be a helpful post for others as well. 

They are inexpensive and super easy to use. If you are anything like me, almost every time I get my nails done at the salon, I find something wrong with them. They are either crooked or too sharp in a certain spot or too long/short or something. With these, you know what you're going to get and they're great quality (for 24 hours). Now, when I tested these out, I made sure I wasn't rough on them at all, so don't put them on and go do some gardening LOL. I lost my first nail about 27 hours after applying them. I simply bumped it on the couch and it popped right off. Once that one popped off, I slid my remaining nails under the other ones that were still intact and they came off very easily. My gf said she has the same issue with how quickly the nail glue loses its stick and is going to try gorilla glue one of these days, HAHA!

My final thoughts...
If you have a specific event or date where you're wanting a nice french set of nails, I think these are perfect. Often, we have an event coming up and we think, "I have to get my nails done for this" but its only for one day. $40-60 for a full set of pink and whites at the salon vs. less than $5 for these press-on nails is something to think about. 



Steph Kacer said...

No way!! They look so good!!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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