Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ways to Naturally Boost Serotonin

Serotonin is a chemical found in the body that can benefit us in various ways if we make sure we're getting the proper amount. 
Serotonin regulates your appetite, your body temperature, the tone of your blood vessels, while working and in hand with depression, your perception of pain, migraines and the health of the mucus membranes of your stomach and intestines. Note, one can get too much serotonin, so it is important to make sure you are monitoring your body while changing anything. For example, Serotonin Syndrome can happen when one is getting too much serotonin through medication which can be very dangerous or even fatal. People often look to serotonin to help them when they're feel down and/or depressed. When ones serotonin chemical balance is off, they may even look towards Western Medicine to boost their levels. Today, I'm going to tell you some different ways to naturally boost your serotonin levels in hopes to bettering your all around mood and lifestyle. <3

eliminate sugar. If you have intense sugar cravings this may be your body's way of trying to increase serotonin itself because eating sugar produces insulin which helps tryptophan into your brain (listen to your body). 
foods. Eggs, cheese, pineapple, tofu, salmon, chocolate, bananas, tomatoes, nuts & seeds, turkey & others boost serotonin levels. While serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter it's estimated that around 90% of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive track so we must take care of our guts! Avoid simple carbs and focus on the complex carbs. 
exercise. Get up & move!!
sunshine. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day.   
avoid caffeine. A lot of people don't like to hear this one, but caffeine suppresses serotonin. 
positivity. Eliminating stress can help drastically. Smile more. Did you know smiling alone boosts neurotransmitters, calming your nervous system and stabilizing your mood in the midst of everyday stressors. Surround yourself with happy, positive people. & if you have to be around someone you dislike at school or work, remember -You control your own thoughts. You have the choice to react any single way you choose to, in every single situation that happens to and around you. Change your thoughts, change your life!
vitamin b6. Take your vitamins!
omega 3. On top of getting your healthy fats through food, taking an omega-3 supplement also helps. This is one of my all time favorite vitamins to take as it has SO many great benefits. 
massage. Human touch triggers "feel good" sensations. & if you aren't in the position to get a massage, playing with a pet helps trigger these same feelings. 
meditation. Find your happy place! Just taking a moment to sit back and reminisce on happy times boosts serotonin levels in your brain. If you're having trouble bringing up those happy memories, call a friend or family member who can help you out. This will benefit both of you and will make your day all around better. :) 
sleep. Make sure you're getting the proper amount of sleep that your body requires. This one is HUGE!
chocolate. Woohoo! An exciting one! Yes, eating dark chocolate alone improves serotonin levels, partly because of resveratrol. Yum.

I really hope you've learned something from this post and you're able to live an all around happier lifestyle! Love you all!!


Anya said...

I love this post! Thank tou so much!

Tarah said...

This is amazing! I definitely need to boost my serotonin! Thankssss!


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