Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beauty Tips!

Eyebrows - Never pluck above your brow. If you're like me, you get plenty of dark hairs below your brows as well as above. I never pluck, wax or thread above my eyebrows (UNLESS there is a random stray that needs to go) as we can really lose the shape if messed with. Natural brows are still very in (and hopefully will be forever) so don't worry about them looking too bushy. I personally only pluck my eyebrows myself. I've gotten them waxed a couple of times in the past and hated the way they looked so no thank you. These are the tweezers that I use and absolutely LOVE! I've had them for years and they are still in perfect condition. Highly recommend. In my opinion it makes more sense to ditch all of the cheap tweezers and invest in one amazing pair that will last you forever. Dull tweezers are the absolute WORST!

Crystal Nail File - Oh. my. goodness. I cannot tell you how much switching to a crystal nail file has changed my nails. My nails used to always peel, break, be thin and just not cute. Using this nail file alone made the biggest difference ever. It's also super affordable and lasts years. Never again will I use a non-crystal nile file. 

Lip Treatment ->Before Bed - This, my friends, is delightful. If you want the softest lips in the entire world, simply apply this lip treatment before falling to sleep and wake up in ahh. OBSESSED. I seriously cannot stop rubbing my lips together every morning because they feel SO good!

Growing Eyebrows - If you are looking to grow out your eyebrows, simply rub some coconut oil in-between your fingers and apply it to your eyebrows every night. Rinse in the morning before doing your makeup and WALA! You will slowly start to see a difference :). You can literally find coconut oil anywhere. I like to do this because I used to pluck my eyebrows to the skinniest little lines in high school which was a - HUGE mistake! They grow back so patchy now which is why I resort to coconut oil. Don't make the same mistake I did! BUT, I do still get many complements on my brows thanks to my all time favorite brow styler you can find here (CURRENTLY ON SALE!!!). Most people swear by the Anastasia Brow Wiz which I too like, but trust me when I say that this one IS even better! 


Mikayla said...

Yaaaassss I love your beauty tip segement!!

Brandi K. said...

Hell yes!!! Stocking up on the brow styler! Thanks girl!


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