Saturday, March 11, 2017

Natural Fragrance Oils

I've recently had an obsession with natural fragrance oils. I've always been obsession with perfume but only recently realized how horrible perfume is for us. It smells AMAZING but putting all of those awful chemicals in our bodies just isn't worth it to me. Not only do I love these natural fragrance oils for simply their aromas but certain ones truly do make a difference when it comes to stress relief, anxiety, breathing, and the list goes on. I found this company Kuumba Made on Instagram and am now obsessed! My personal favorite is the Laverndar Lace -which is actually not pictured in this post because I keep it in my purse for the races- :). It truly does take away a lot of that anxiety! 

Absolutely love. 

If you're interested, their website is

Sorry I've been M.I.A on the blog! As most of you know, we're currently in the Arenacross circuit and it's been crazy, crazy busy- literally a different State every single weekend. I'm much more active on Instagram so make sure you're following me there as well (erin_coakley). Note- Sometimes I host Instagram only giveaways!  :) Love you all!!

*Reminder* No, this is not a sponsored post. These are my real opinions towards these products. I WILL NEVER influence my readers towards a product that I do not 100% believe in. <3


Kara said...

Yayyyy you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassidy Reeves said...

Natural fragrance is the beeessst

Anonymous said...

They look so tiny and cute :-)


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