Monday, June 19, 2017

What's in my Beach Bag?!

I'm very fortunate to live in the beautiful town of Panama City Beach, where my neighborhood has its own private beach. With that being said, I am at the beach or on a boat...a LOT. So, I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I keep in my beach bag! Heads up, my friends gave me the nickname Mary Poppins because I literally always have so much stuff in all of my bags. My fiancĂ© jokes when traveling that I would be everyone best friend if the plane went down and we were stranded on an island because with what I carry in my purse alone we could survive a whole year -HA!

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Colorscience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Powder SPF 50 is one of my absolute FAVORITE beauty/health products this summer! I bring this EVERYWHERE! It has amazing flawless coverage as well as 50 SPF which is simply a must for keeping my skin protected. LOVE this product and would recommend it to everyone! 

Raw Elements has amazing ALL natural sunscreen products that I just adore! You can check out their website here for more amazing natural sun care products. 

Erbaviva Suncreen SPF 30 is another favorite! This sunscreen is safe for both children and adults. It contains zinc oxide, aloe, camomile, sunflower oil, lavender, olive oil, and castor oil for sun protection. The smell is also divine! If you haven't tried this product out yet, I highly recommend you do!!

I also have many other things in my beach bag that simple couldn't all fit in the photo frame so I'll list them below ;)

Beach Bag Must Haves:
Water (most important)
Sunscreen (DUH- this is huge)
First aid bag (you'd be surprised how many people this has helped)
Change of clothes/Coverup  
Make-up bag
Wallet & Keys
Deodorant & Perfume

Friday, June 9, 2017

Beauty Tips

Hair - Change up your part to reduce thinning. You probably notice when you change up where you regularly part your hair, your new hairdo looks more voluminous ->because it is! Sometimes it's difficult to get it to stay there but you will soon notice a great difference while allowing your previously parted area to fill back in. Try it!

Eyes - De-puff eyes by applying a cold compress (ice cube under a cloth). 15 seconds on 15 seconds off.

Application - Always use your ring-finger when needing the lightest applicator. For example, I always use my ring-finger to apply undereye cream as the area is very delicate. This technique also applies to concealer under the eye area. 

Dark Circles - Are you someone that suffers from dark circles under your eyes? Try skipping the lower lash mascara as it tends to cast a shadow making that area only appear darker. 

Lips - To help lipliner glide on more seamlessly, pinch it with your finger tips to warm it up before applying. 

Final Look - When you're done applying your makeup, make as many facial expressions in the mirror as you may make throughout your day or evening to make sure your makeup (especially your lipstick) looks great in all forms ;).

Perfume - As well as your normal application areas -> Spritz ankles and behind knees - scent rises! 

Friday, June 2, 2017


I feel like its been a while since I've done an Empties blog post! And as most of you know, it's one of my favorite things to do so, YAY!

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Juice Beauty Steam Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer - Ok, this one is hard because I'm a ride or die Juice Beauty chick but this just didn't do it for me. It was too heavy and greasy on my sink. Maybe during the winter months this could be good but right now in humid, Florida it just didn't work out. (Love you, Juice Beauty!!)

Real-U Moisturizer & Face Gel - These products didn't do anything for me. The moisturizer left a sticky-like film on my skin that was just unpleasant. To be honest, neither of these are completely empty but I just couldn't keep using them so they're going in the trash. 

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength - Now, this peel WORKS. Let me tell you, the redness that you will see surface is the real deal. My fiancĂ© saw me shortly after applying this mask one time and said, "I think you're having an allergic reaction to something" because my face was bright red- HAHA! This is one of those products that you use and are shocked that it's an "at home" product vs a medical spa product. It's that good. This peel is great for fine lines, hyper-pigmenation and simply making your skin look better all around. Love this stuff.

Kuumba Made Foot Butter - I really enjoyed this foot balm. I've spoken about how much I love this company and all of their amazing natural products before- you guys need to check them out! I will say though, when it comes to a "foot balm", they all seem to work the same for me. Put a good butter or balm on your feet followed by a pair of socks and wake up with super soft feetsies ;)

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